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What is a Managed Service and Why Do I Need It?

In simple terms, a managed service is the difference between having your IT infrastructure proactively managed and protected 24/7 against outages vs reacting to outages on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, in the second scenario an IT support company responds to your call with no information about the configuration of your computer network. Is this an ideal scenario for a small business? For example, we had a retail customer who experienced an outage affecting all point-of-sale (POS) cash registers in the store. This outage occurred on the busiest day of the week. Thus, the outage affected in-store customer shopping experience for 9 hours.

In the interim, intensive troubleshooting occurred and we configured backup applications on a temporary platform. Because managed service providers have a deep understanding of our customers’ business and operational needs, we can minimize downtime using automated tools and setting up your infrastructure for redundancy. Essentially, a managed service provider is your partner and an essential part of your team. The information stored in your computers systems is critical and protection like any other business asset is important. In short, managed service providers will save small businesses money in terms of downtime, productivity, and lost revenue. Hope this explanation answers your question.

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