Service Description

Tech360i’s basic managed service plan provides remote monitoring and administration. So, our services run on your network around the clock providing diagnostic, security, and automated performance optimization. Similarly, we run hundreds of checks, scan files, perform resilience tests. In addition, alerts and status reports are sent in real-time to our control center technician. Then, we implement corrective action to fix the situation and prepere reports for customers. Finally, it all happens behind the scene with no service interruptions.

Therefore, with our basic managed service plan we protect your computer assets because we are always watching.  Likewise, our team in the control center works around the clock. Above all, anti-virus and backup systems are keeping your data safe. Similarly, updates and patches are being made remotely. Finally, improvements are being assessed and automatically implemented.

Managed Services
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance 
  • Automated Virus Definition Updates
  • Server and Desktop Workstation Monitoring
  • Hardware Audit and Resource Utilization (CPU, Memory, Hard Drive)
  • Automatic Trouble Ticket Creation and Resolution
  • ISP Network Availability Monitoring and Reporting
  • Microsoft and Third-Party Software Updates (Optional)
Anti-Virus and Security
  • Anti-Virus and Security
  • Virus and Malware Protection
  • Quarantine of all Malicious Files
Other Benefits
  • Discounted Hourly Labor Rates
  • On-site Tech Support
  • Biannually on-site network health review with the business owner/leader.

If you are interested in higher level of protection, see our Gold Managed WorkPlace Service Plan. Complete the free quote form for Tech360i to protect your computer assets with a worry-free service plan.  In addition, our services include technical support, on-site computer repair, and Ethernet port installation.