Service Description

Our customers select the Platinum Plan because it provides the most value for the money. Just like the Basic and Gold service plans, pricing is based upon the number of devices and servers on your network.

The Platinum plan from Tech360i offers small business the benefit of a full and diverse IT staff. Therefore, with the Platinum Plan support package, a business pays for consistent and dedicated services. So, by offering this package we’ve created a synergy between your company and ours. In addition, we take on the burden we are comfortable with and you are freed of the worries for the daily operation of your network. Finally, VIP Platinum support is like having your own in-house IT staff without the expense of having to keep your staff trained on the latest technologies.

Response Times

The Platinum plan service call response times are predicated according to issue severity. For example, a site outage or system failure will receive a response within four business hours. System failures effecting multiple users or devices on site, a response time of one business day can be expected. Applications or functionality issues not affecting multiple users, a response time of no more than two business days can be expected. However, we can tailor our services to meet your business requirements.

Customer Communication

Along with emergency response and on-site maintenance calls Platinum members receive onsite network health reviews, and personal visits from a member of our staff to discuss any problems or future plans. These visits are scheduled quarterly for Platinum customers and are our way making sure no issues or concerns go unaddressed.

These meetings may include discussions of technologies and cost saving measures, review of help desk support incidents, technical recommendations for hardware replacement, new software, and upgrades. Sometimes they are a fifteen minute quick review and a handshake. Other times they can be a two hour system diagnostic and planning session.

Finally, we have been using and maintaining the Managed Workplace model for a long time and we know that these moments when Tech360i staff touch base with a customer are important to the health of your network.

We Are Your IT Department
  • All monitoring and security services offered with Gold Managed Service Plan
  • On-Demand Technical Support
  • Emergency Service Available for All Service Questions and Problems 24/7
  • Hardware Maintenance and Repairs On-site by a Qualified Technician
  • Quarterly On-site Network Health Review
  • Dedicated Service Technician who is familiar with your staff and business computing infrastructure
  • We manage all warranty issues, equipment purchases, and interactions with vendors

Complete the free quote form for Tech360i to protect your computer assets with a worry-free service plan.  In addition, our services include technical support, on-site computer repair, and Ethernet port installation.